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THREEVISION is a French video game studio whose ambition is to produce new and memorable experiences for players. 🎮

The foundations of Threevision :

  • Gameplay : Invent and develop games with innovative mechanics to disrupt the classic video game market.
  • Esport : Setting up an eSports scene with tournaments and rewards to value the effort and skills even for non-professional players.
  • Technology : We use blockchain to satisfy the new expectations of players through new types of rewards and solve problems that players are confronted with in traditional games.

Alexandre Pourghavami - Co-founder & CEO

For years, as a Growth-hacker, Alexandre has been in charge of developing communities and increasing the revenues of his clients in the digital and blockchain industry. This allowed him to build his marketing strategies in the blockchain sector. Through his multiple digital experiences, he is not afraid to innovate and is ready to develop a project to its utmost potential.

Arthur Michigan - Co-founder & CPO - Game Designer

He is a Game Designer on both Tangible and Digital media, having completed a Master’s degree in UX/UI Design to deepen his cognitive psychology knowledge. This study allowed Arthur to theorize and practice expertise in crowdfunding financing. Following the success of two Kickstarter campaigns, he developed an applicable methodology.

Amine Moussous - Co-founder & COO

Passionate about technology and innovation since he was a child, Amine decided to study digital design. With his master’s degree in marketing strategy and UX/UI design, his expertise, and his multiple experiences in creating digital projects, he helps his clients validate the user's actual needs. His mission is always to design a product that will perfectly meet the user’s expectations while applying the business necessities of his clients.

Zaki Moussous - Co-founder & CMO

Zaki’s experiences in e-commerce shaped his growth-hacking skills to help his clients' communities and businesses. Since 2021, he has been using his marketing skills and expertise to develop projects around Blockchain. With an analytical mind and the ability to synthesize, he surveys the market and its users implementing a marketing strategy for the project.

Jason Espinasse - Associate & Lead Unity developer

As an avid computer and video game enthusiast, Jason graduated early and started working on several big projects (Unreal Engine and Unity). With the emergence of the cryptocurrency, he decided to study the technology to deepen his knowledge and create innovative gameplay for the generation to come. His goal is clear, combining his actual knowledge with promising new technology to reach the top.

Marion Bouzir - Artistic Director

Fond of Fantasy and the vast possibilities of the imaginary world since young, Marion started studying literature and switched to illustration and concept art at the Pivaut school. Her numerous experiences in the publishing industry (Rebelle edition and Mount Olympus Comics) and video games (Oxya origin, Stingbot Games, and Serenity) allowed her to develop significantly in concept art and character design art director. She puts all her will and knowledge into the production of Anazir.

Development team

Our development team comprises skilled and diversified profiles composed of blockchain experts, Ux experts, and ergonomists. We want to bring strong expertise in developing a blockchain game accessible to the general public. Our game designers collaborate daily with a single objective: to bring players an entertaining and competitive match.