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$ANZ token

$ANZ Economy flow
The goal of the $ANZ token is to create a sustainable economy, guaranteeing its players to grow steadily. This is why our Economy flow, tokenomics and partner choices are all aligned with our long-term vision.
The $ANZ ecosystem is directly connecting players and developers in new and exciting ways through rewards and staking.

How to earn Anazir Token ($ANZ)?

  • Playing: Level up your NFTs to earn $ANZ
  • Rank & Competition: Climb the general ranking and participate in tournaments
  • Purchase: Buy or trade on the platforms of your choice
  • Marketplace: Swap your NFT into $ANZ with preferential prices
  • Tier Staking: Depending on the rank and quantity staked
  • Last Hero: Tournament mode organized every day, allowing players to win prizes in $ANZ tokens and mystery boxes.

How to use Anazir Token ($ANZ)?

  • Breeding : Create new NFTs that generate even more $ANZ
  • Marketplace: Buy and trade NFTs
  • Tournament ticket: Some tournaments with high prizes will require a ticket
  • Mystery box Gold: Obtain game content and increases your chances of obtaining rarer NFTs
  • Tier Staking: The user can stake his $ANZ during a season (3 months) in order to make a return and access several advantages and services.