🎴Deck creation

Before engaging in a fierce battle you must first choose the ones who will fight alongside you. To create a deck, select one of your Heroes as a leader, then pick 16 golems between the neutral faction and your leader's faction.

Heroes are ancient golems with strong abilities that you can choose to become leaders of your decks. They are already here to defend your base at the start of the game and can be sent alongside other golems to invade the opponent's base.

Heroes allow you to cast spells with various effects to alter the flow of the game and make it yours.

Golems are powerful entities acting as Towers to defend your base. Once placed, they will summon versions of themselves every wave on the enemy side to destroy his base and claim the victory.

Golems have a cost in Crystal Coin (CC) indicated in their description. You need to spend it in order to place them.

When building your deck, be sure to select Golems that suit your strategy the most. Some Golems are better for attacking or defending and others are useful to create powerful combo.

Free Heroes are available for you to build a deck and play without needing to care about NFT or Crypto.

Choose between 100+ golems to create your deck.

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