🎲Game mode

Normal & Ranked Game

In these types of games, players face each others in a 1v1 matchmaking. Players will gain Runes to unlock new golems and progress in their quest lines.

In the normal game mode, wins or losses do not affect your ranking points or MMR and you can also face the players in your friend list.

Ranked games allow you to climb the leaderboard, earn exclusive rewards at the end of each season as well as NFT tickets for Esport tournaments. In this mode, wins and losses affect your ranking and MMR. You will also gain experience for your NFTs to grow and earn $ANZ.

Ranking levels

Last Hero Tournaments

For competitive players who wish to earn $ANZ and tons of Mystery boxes, this tournament mode will be integrated and available all day trough matchmaking.

For security and inflation mitigation reasons, Last Hero Tournaments will be accessible for players who reached a fixed rank and NFT owners.

To participate, you can use a LH ticket to get quickly matched with other players.


  • First place: 7 times the entry price in $ANZ

  • Second place: 3 times the entry price in $ANZ

  • Third and fourth place: Game content and the entry price in $ANZ

  • Fifth to eighth: Game content

Notes: the results of tournaments do not affect the rank and MMR.

Arena Draft

This last game mode is an accessible draft type arena for the players wishing to discover and try special synergies and combo while earning Currency and game content like golems and Heroes.

Free to play: To participate in the Arena draft, you must use an AD ticket obtainable with Runes or Crystallium.

Arena Draft functions as a classic draft system, players draw a Hero and Golems from a random selection that will be presented to them. Once the Deck created, players will face each others until they have suffered 2 losses or claimed 9 victories. The type and amount of rewards will depend on the last number of victories achieved.


  • Mystery Box

  • 0 Crystallium

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