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We believe that building a strong community and sustaining a project results from continuous evolution by developing features that meet players' expectations. We will add content to each new season by taking into account the players' requests. In addition, votes will be made available for Governance Token owners to take development directions for the game. New Heroes from each faction will appear along with their golems. New fun and competitive game modes will also make their appearance to test different ways of playing and receiving rewards.

Esport tournaments

At the end of each season, an inter-seasonal tournament will be held to challenge the best players amoung you. NFT tickets will be limited and only distributed as a top rank reward each season final.

NFT Tickets

At the season end, players in the Eternal rank are given NFT ticket that they can freely sell or use to participate in the inter-seasonal tournament.


This tournament is a double-elimination type were double bracket allow every player to get a second chance if they lose a game.


All participants of the tournaments will be rewarded with a unique NFT designed and created specifically for the occasion and the winners will earn financial rewards as well as a large amounts of $ANZ.
Winners will also earn a unique NFT ticket to participate alongside the best and known competitive structures in the World Championship Esport qualifiers.
The travel and living fee for this type of events are entirely financed by THREEVISION.

World Championship

Once a year, a World Championship will take place organized by THREEVISION and specialized external structures in order to make the most memorable event. All tournaments will be cast on Twitch and streaming platforms.

How to participate ?

  • By reaching Tier 5 in Seasonal staking, up to 128 players can participate through structure or by themselves.
  • By reaching Tier 6 in Seasonal staking, up to 28 players can secure a place through affiliates Esport structures.
  • The Winners of the four inter-seasonal tournaments of the year can secure a place financed by THREEVISION.