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Tokenomics & Distributions

A total of 500,000,000 Governance Tokens (ANZ) is emitted with no possibility of inflation. We aim to distribute the tokens evenly among active players over more than 60 months, as shown in the chart.
For the sake of Anazir long term ecosystem, ANZ is subject to a lock cliff and vesting periods. The ANZ tokens will be distributed in a linear way over 36 months.


These tokens are awarded to all the development team, for all the work that has been done since the beginning of the game creation. We had the chance to gather a motivated team of qualified experts in their fields. They have made Anazir a quality game with a well worked graphic universe and a rich ecosystem, they deserve to be rewarded.

Advisors & Partners:

THREEVISION and Anazir is guided and assisted by experts with many years of experience in the video game industry and blockchain ecosystem, whether it is in development, technical part, marketing or on the vision. We all work on making Anazir a solid game that thrives.


It allowed us to build and consolidate the development team in order to create a prototype. While testing and improving the game mechanics we designed, this prototype is the foundation we show investors validating our seriousness and ambitions. Investors in pre-seed took more risk than in any other stages.
12,500,000 tokens distributed at a price of $0.008


We are moving forward with the production of the game which includes balancing, adding new golems and setting up a first testable pre-alpha version for players who own an NFT hero. This also allows us to set up our entire blockchain ecosystem with liquidity pools, smart contract editing, Certik auditing and the launch of our token on launchpad. We are able to develop the community on a larger scale and reward it, in order to build a strong and committed community at the TGE.
40,000,000 tokens distributed at a price of $0.013.


The Private sale is an important step in the production of the game and the development of its last mechanics. We integrate all the blockchain related components of Anazir in order to release a pre-alpha version.
55,000,000 tokens distributed at a price of $0.022


The public sale is the sale of our token on the launchpads, allowing us to gather the rest of the funds to finalize the production of the game and its entire ecosystem.
20,000,000 tokens distributed at a price of $0.026