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Technical approach

Powered by Unity

We are developing Anazir on Unity. Unity is a gaming development platform dedicated for mobile games. Here you can find more informations :


Anazir is a competitive game. For that, there will be tournaments all along the seasons. We want to be a big entity inside the E-sport ecosystem. We believe accessibility through mobile devices will bring more people to E-sport. That’s why we are using two economic models. Freemium and P2E (Play2Earn).

Web3 Interaction

Players will have to create an Anazir account using their emails. This account will be attached to a wallet to store all assets. You can store our tokens and our NFT’s. Players will be able to stake their assets (tokens and NFT’s). Through our dedicated staking platform, players can stake in the seasonal staking ( to access tiers) and/or regular staking to obtain APY. To obtain the best NFT’s, a breeding system is implemented inside the game with a certain algorithm. That’s made to scale the supply of NFT’s and create a value for players who dedicate time and skills to the game.

User Privacy

Players will have their account with an attached wallet. A part of data attached to the account (Web 2 content) will be stored in our servers. The other part of data (web3 content) will be attached to the wallet and stored in the blockchain. We will implement all the necessary tools to secure and protect players' information.