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Anazir takes place in a vast universe of elemental magic where gods partake in a proxy war for the control of a valuable resource, Crystalium. This ore, formed by the clash between the first god and his creations, holds an overwhelming energy, the very source of all life in this world.
Play as a God chosen hero and build your golem army to fight for the Crystalium monopoly, but be careful not to get yourself destroyed.
Anazir is a strategy game of confrontation that features Tower Defense mechanics in an isometric view. A game lasts about 5 minutes.

The Core Features of Anazir:

  • The renewal and improvement of a well-know game style, Tower Defense
  • More dynamic game mechanics to make the Tower Defense style fun as well as strategic
  • An accessible game thanks to the removal of PayWall present in most other Play to Earn games
  • No Pay to Win
  • A lot of Golems for you to build a unique strategy
  • Internal MarketPlace
  • No Wallet creation
Genre: Tower Defense PvP Type: Free to Play / Play to Earn Platform: IOS / Android Engine: Unity 3D Rating: 7+