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Fight !

Fair and square !

In Anazir, the victory & defeat conditions are simple: you have 5 minutes to destroy the enemy base while defending your own.
The battlefield is composed of two bases with the same amount of health, two roads with the same lengths and the same quantity of Tower slot to place defensive structures. Each player receives the same amount of Crystal Coin (CC) per second to place and upgrade Golems.

The best offense is a good defense !

Games are structured in a wave format, at the beginning of each wave, all the Towers on the battlefield will generate golems on the opponent road. The number of golem generated depends on the number of Towers and their level. The Crystal Coin you spend to build a strong defense is also the source of your attack power. Choose wisely the golems in your army to build strong defense systems that can synergies to become fast and precise attacks.

A game is not lost until the last moment !

During a game, you can level up your Hero to increase his stats and gain access to 3 abilities. The Hero’s abilities have a wide variety of effects and cost nothing but time to regenerate. Bait your opponent into forcing an attack and use powerful damage spells or debuff to change the tides of the game!
Note: These abilities can be switched and customized in the deck building prior to the game.