Seasonal Staking

At the beginning of each season, staking will be open for a fixed duration. You can lock $ANZ to earn a yield and gain access to special services for the entire season duration.

The $ANZ staking functions as a tier. The more $ANZ you stake, the higher the tier. Each tier give access to services that can be conferred to a user or a structure.

Tiers are cumulative.

Tier 0: Free to Play

Every player registered gain access to the Tier 0 granting a Season start kit and Season end rewards. Players can also stake mid-season.

Tier 1: Game shop & services

Grant a Staking pass that combine to the Battle pass progression. The Stacking pass offers a new type of rewards like tournament tickets and NFT boxes.

In addition, new reserved content will be available in the Game shop.

Tier 2: NFT Whitelist & Merch

Get access to exclusive merch and be the first when a new NFT collection of First Generation Heroes is out.

Tier 3: $ANZ tournaments

Players access new type of weekly tournaments with a lot more $ANZ to gain from.

Tier 4: Content Creators

We want to reward and support the creators of content around the game Anazir.

  • Direct contact with the team: we wish to create a strong link between you and us.

  • Promotion: We want to help and support creators to grow.

  • Merch & Game content: Lets rewards those following you.

  • Event: Members will be invited to events such as the Inter-seasonal event and World Championships.

Tier 5: Esport players and team

Every season, a grand qualifier will take place and up to 128 players will be selected for the World championship. Teams can register up to 4 players.

Tier 6: Affiliated esport structures

Place to participate in the World championship.

Moreover, we wish to build relationships with the structures that actively contribute to our esport ecosystem.

Several advantages:

  • Creation of game content with the effigy of the structure.

  • Direct contact with the team: we wish to create a link between the development team and the esport structures.

  • Promotion: We want to help the eSport structures to develop. We will highlight some structures in the mobile app and our social networks to increase their presence.

  • We want to give you content to distribute to reward your fans.

Tier 7: Partners & Sponsors

Partner brands gain access to in-game advertising and will be featured in all the online events.

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