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The Soft-Currency used for in-game purchases. If you already own an NFT, Crystallium can be earned by simply playing the game.
The value of the Crystallium will never change.

How to earn Crystallium ?

  • Quests & Success: You will be rewarded regularly through in-game challenges.
  • Rank & Competition: Your performances define your ranking. Various types of tournaments will take place to give everyone a chance.
  • Purchase: Crystallium is available for purchase in the game store.
  • Arena Draft: A special game mode where you can earn Crystallium and mystery boxes.
How to use Crystallium ?
  • Mint : Create new NFTs
  • Mystery Box: Obtain new game contents like Golems and even xp potions for your NFTs
  • Arena Draft Tickets: they can be obtained with Runes or directly with Crystallium
  • Purchase: Buy and trade NFTs