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Gaming Environment

General Functioning

At the end of each game, the player earns runes that can be spent to obtain chests named Sleeping Crystals. These can be opened to receive random Golems and thus have more choices to create and improve their deck.
The more games the player wins, the higher the rankings and the more stages. With each stage reached, the player earns Crystallium rewards.
Throughout the week, we offer new free heroes for the player to try out.
The player will be given daily challenges to win gold coins, chests, and even Crystallium.
With the Crystallium, the player can obtain upgraded chests in the store to get a random NFT Hero and new golems.
Crystallium can be used directly in the marketplace to purchase a specific Hero from other players.
The player will have access to a free battle pass that changes each season with exclusive rewards. The player can purchase the paid version of the BattlePass to unlock additional rewards. Even if the Battle Pass is purchased at the end of the season, the player can still unlock all of the tier rewards they previously achieved.