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Last updated November 2022
Mahlak against Helak

Anazir Universe

Anazir takes place in a world filled with runic magic where elemental Gods wage war against each other through the strength of Heroes and their army of Golems. The player incarnates an elemental hero whose mission is to destroy the opponent’s base by building Towers that generate Golems.
Anazir is a blockchain mobile game for players who wish to discover new game mechanics while remaining competitive.
We use blockchain technology as a tool to improve the player’s gaming experience, we want to integrate NFT by exploring its usefulness for both the player and the gameplay without forgetting the current usage of mobile gamers.
Today, at THREEVISION, we are a team of more than 30 talents. Creatives, developers, blockchain experts, and leaders share a vision and a will to bring to traditional gamers a quality game that adds a new dimension to integrated purchases thanks to blockchain technology.
Together we are taking the first step towards a world where gaming is not just about breaking records and climbing the leaderboards.
What's new about "Play to Earn" games is that you don’t have to be a professional or a streamer to earn currency by playing. As a player, you will now be able to enjoy a remuneration for the time spent and your performances in the game.

But, what is it really?

From the birth of this type of game current days, blockchain games have met many issues in terms of accessibility and playability, not to mention the “Play-to-earn” where the player earns almost nothing compared to the time invested in the game.
Today, the image of blockchain technology towards the general public is tarnished by projects that only ride on the hype to generate short-term profit without thinking about the innovations NFT and blockchain can bring in the uses of all players.
These actions are not without consequences. The opinion of some media, governments, and platforms now compare blockchain games to gambling. Some video games marketplace like Valve does not allow any blockchain technology on Steam. Some governments like South Korea also prohibit this type of game within their territory.
Hydros, goddess of Thétis

Web3 took over. It's time for good games!

Anazir preserves known, familiar, and already learned video game basics while bringing Gameplay and Technological innovation. The goal is to renew the current mobile game market, which is struggling to diversify.
The emergence of NFTs has pushed opportunist actors to neglect years of progress and optimization of mobile games in favor of botched or plagiarized games with no lifespan, whose only objective is to earn as much as possible in a short period. This short-term decision leads to negative repercussions (loss of trust, loss of interest, boredom, bad gameplay, etc.) on the Play-to-earn market and mobile games.
At THREEVISION, we are convinced that NFTs are destined to redefine the usages in the digital and video games industry. Through Anazir, we can prove it is possible to have a long-term and competitive vision of the Play-to-earn format with a technology that serves the gameplay and the users.
Humus planet landscape


Our goal is to bring to worldwide players a game where technology is not an obstacle to their progress, but on the contrary, it will enhance and renew their gaming experience. In practical terms, our objective is divided into several parts :
  • We want all players to be able to create value from in-game efforts through NFTs
  • We want to create a growing and caring community around a game with similar growth
  • We want a competitive ecosystem with tournaments and the long-term ambition of entering the international esport
  • We want our community to be able to participate and make decisions on the development choices, which is why we will create a governance token
Planet Typhon
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