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Golems are non NFT entities used by the both to defend and attack. Once placed on the battlefield, they become turrets to protect your lane and generate golems each waves on the opponent's lane.

Golem Description

In game, Golems have a cost in Crystal coin (CC) you need to spend in order to place them.
The Towers possess a level, attack damage, attack speed, range and special effects. The golems summoned possess health points, move speed and special effects. When building your deck, be aware of the cost of your golems and their effects so as to best adapt to the challenges you will face. Some golems are better for attacking than defending and other are useful to setup strategies and combos.

How to get them ?

The Golems are dropped in Golem Boxes you can buy in the shop with Runes. You can only gain Rune is the currency by playing and completing quests.
You can directly craft the Golem you want with fragments. The fragments can be obtained when you drop a golem you already possess.
When you discover Anazir for the first time, you will be able to choose from a large selection of golems in order to ease the learning and master multiple strategies.